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High-Quality, Precision-Engineered Tools designed in Gainesville, Florida.

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Stupid, no.
Simple, yes.
Tools, definitely.

Our specialized tools are designed to fit seamlessly into your workflow. To replace all of the tools you’ve had to replace before and hope to never have to again. Our tools won’t make you better at what you do, but they’ll definitely make your shop perform more precisely, efficiently, and effectively.

Our Tools


Mill and Lathe Adjustable Tramming & Squaring System (1/2" Shank)

$124.99 $99.99

Sold out


MEGAFLOW - 3 Stage Air Filtration and Regulation System

$374.99 $315.99

Sold out


Saw Alignment Calibrator


Sold out


Drag Knife


Sold out


LUBE-CUBE Fogless Coolant Mister System

$199.99 $169.99

Sold out


Pipe Center Punch


Sold out


Identibolt Bolt and Nut Identifier Gauge

$94.99 $77.99

Sold out


MINI Mill and Lathe Adjustable Tramming & Squaring System (1/4" Shank)

$119.99 $89.99

Sold out

Tap Socket Set

$38.99 $34.99

Sold out


Industrial Wire Stripping Machine

$165.89 $145.86

Sold out


Lathe Tool Post Indicator Holder

$59.99 $49.87

Sold out


Stair Tread Gauge and Shelf Scribe Layout Tool

$209.99 $169.99

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The SST Difference

Thoughtful tools
made for precise people.

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Design-driven, engineering-enabled

We combine the best of product & graphic design with the technicality & presicion of mechanical engineering. Our tools feel better to use, simply because that’s how they were designed to be.

Precision You Can Feel

We all know the saying about the whole being greater... In our case—rigorous tolerances on every component & 5-axisCNC machining—sum up to an incredible user experience, from buttery-smooth knob turns to satisfying magnetically-assisted snaps.

Small-batch Made in Gainesville, FL

We don’t try to compete with the big-name tool brands’ mega-factories. We manufacture our products in small quantities, allowing us to meticulously hand assemble and test, while focusing on customer support, education, and engagement after the sale.

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