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An amazing, extremely well built product. Every bolt and thread is 100 percent accurate. This is a great tool to have in my shop! Thank you.

Wade H.

High quality and much better fit then other brands.

Mike T.

This thing...this thing right here is awesome. It stripped 5,000ft of #6, 100ft of #2, 85ft 4/0, and 300ft #4 effortlessly. It paid for itself in the first hour of work. If I could give it 10 stars I would. Hell yes I'm going recommend all my friends.

Juan E.

High Quality Tools

At Stupid Simple Tools, we use premium quality components, materials, and tolerances to ensure you have the best tool on the market. Our tools not only look great, they feel great in your hand. Revisit out our shop often - we are always adding new products!

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