LUBE-CUBE Fogless Coolant Mister System

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The SST LUBE-CUBE is an HVLP fogless coolant sprayer that delivers a precisely targeted spray to the cutter and work piece without finely atomizing toxic coolants - substantially reducing coolant waste, lubrication over-spray, and hazardous coolant fogs that contaminate workplace breathing air.*


➡️ Kit Includes

  • LUBECUBE Coolant Sprayer Block
  • Magnetic Base with Articulating Arm
  • 2 Liter Coolant Cannister with Mounting Bracket
  • Locking Air Regulator (1/4” NPT Inlet)
  • 5ft of Twin-Line Chemical & Abrasion Resistant Tubing
  • Coolant Pickup Filter

➡️ Extra high resolution knob provides fine control over coolant-to-air mixture ratio and is compatible with most coolant types and oils

➡️ Extremely tight coolant spread, forming a 3” diameter over 12” of distance, injects Coolant Deep Into Pockets and Holes, while also Clears Chips from Cutter and Workpiece - resulting in Higher Cutting Speeds, Increased Tool Life, and improved cut quality

➡️ Magnetic On/Off Base attaches onto metal surfaces at the flip of a switch, while the articulating arm and multi-position mounting points allow you to secure the LUBECUBE at the exact position and angle required for optimal processing.

➡️ Fully Pressurized System Delivers a reliable, uninterrupted continuous flow of coolant to the work piece. It’s instant on and off response with pressurization, and ease of adjustment, make it a real time saver.

➡️ Masterfully CNC Machined all Metal Construction and Backed by 5 Year SST Warranty

    **Unfortunately our Polycarbonate Canisters are not compatible with alcohol and will require a canister liner if alcohol is in use**
    Magnetic Base (Arm Color)
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