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The SST MEGAFLOW is a Mega-Tough 3-Stage Shop Air Filter & Regulator - designed to last a lifetime


    - Solid Billet Aluminum Monobody + Premium hardware

    - Outputs 5600L/min + 200 CFM, While Removing 99.9% of Aerosols, Dust, and Foreign Particles

    - 3/4” Supply Input and Regulated Output Ports

    - Shatterproof Polycarbonate Canisters Allow ou to Visually Inspect Filter Health, Water Removal, And Air Processing

    - Barbed Drains Allow For Connection to an External Drain Hose.

    - Compatible with Small Portable Air Compressors, Workshop Air Compressors , or Industrial Factory Air Distribution From Your Compressed Air to Keep Your Tools and Equipment Running Longer

    STAGE 1


    Removes 95% Of Moisture, Oil, And Debris Particles up to 5 Micron From Incoming Compressed Air. The Oversized Brass Filter Element Features Higher Surface Area Than Traditional Systems to Offer 5x Filter Life Versus Competitors.

    STAGE 2


    High Quality Coalescing Material Removes 99.99% of the Moisture, Oil, And Debris Particles Up To 0.01 Micron. Pneumatic Filter Status Indicator Lets You Know When to Replace the Filter For Maximum Performance.

    STAGE 3


    Diffusion Air Dryer Eliminates Any Residual Moisture in the Regulated Air Supply, While Two Stainless Steel Filters Prevent Media-based Air Contamination. The Re-usable Silica Beads Shift Color From Blue to Pink Once They’re Ready to be Replaced or Serviced.